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2023 Top Features of White Label Crypto Exchanges

2023 Top Features of White Label Crypto Exchanges


What features of crypto exchanges interest users the most? This is a question that many creators and intending creators want to know. Despite the ease with which many critics are claiming that the crypto industry has reached its peak and started to decline, the fact is that far-sighted users are homing in on the new opportunities in the industry. Having and managing a crypto exchange is one such opportunity.

So, if you are reading this article, you have chanced upon an avenue to make more money from the crypto industry and become a leading authority in the market. Of course, this is assuming that you can maximize your prospects and gain ownership rights of a white label cryptocurrency exchange solution.

Therefore, this article provides some of what you need to know about the top features of a white label crypto exchange. The article first outlines what this kind of crypto exchange is and then lists features that appeal to most users. It ends with how you can get these features in your crypto exchange platform.

What is a White Label Crypto Exchange Solution?

A white label crypto exchange solution is simply a ready-made version of a platform for trading cryptos. This platform is no different from popular crypto exchange platforms that you know, for example, Binance and Ethereum. The biggest difference between a white label crypto exchange and these popular platforms is that they are more developed and have been personalized to reflect the preferences of their owners.

Similarly, once you become the owner of a white label crypto platform, you can decide everything about it. This includes what the platform looks like, its name, its functions, what cryptos users can trade on it, how they can engage the market, and so on. This way, you become an administrator of a crypto exchange platform, one that you wouldn’t need to know everything about to manage.

In a nutshell, white label crypto exchanges are the blank cheques of crypto exchange platforms. Because they are almost completely developed, you would only need to provide personalized branding and some extra information about preferences before you put them online and let crypto users register and trade on/with them.

Top Features of the Best White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms for 2023

1- Trading Engine

A trading engine is the most basic of all the features of a crypto exchange platform. It is also the fundamental feature of a white label exchange. The purpose of the trading engine is to allow users to interact with the crypto market and keep records of trading activities. Of course, because the market is virtual, the record-keeping role of the trading engine is very important.

Some white label exchanges have a rudimentary trading engine feature. However, if you can get a white label crypto exchange from a solid developer, you wouldn’t have to pay extra for advanced trading engines that have the full capability to engage users.

2- Wallets

Crypto wallets are the second-best features on crypto exchanges that users require to run their trading activities. Like a physical wallet, crypto wallets function as a storage unit for your valuables. These wallets are virtual pockets for users to store their tokens and funds. Thus, if a crypto user wants to send funds to their crypto accounts to be used for trading, they need to use a wallet. The same goes for if they want to withdraw funds from their crypto accounts.

So, the wallet feature is another leading feature of white label crypto exchanges for 2023. If you purchase such an exchange, make sure that it has a dynamic wallet. Keep your eye out for one that allows users to fund their accounts using VISA, MasterCard, and other convenient methods.

3- Liquidity Hub

Investing is half of the crypto trading experience. Whenever you find a crypto user who is not an active trader, you can be sure of one of two things: the user is an investor who plans their trading ahead of time and does not participate in the ‘gambling’ and uncertain processes, or the user is not very good at trading. In either case, liquidity pools serve as an attractive feature for all crypto users, whether they are active traders or not.

Crypto exchanges are usually only very attractive to users when these platforms have innovative liquidity pools. This is why a white label crypto exchange with a robust liquidity hub feature remain is considered to be well-made.

4- Intuitive User Interface

An intuitive user interface is another top feature of white label crypto platforms in 2023. This feature is highly sought after because of the focus on simple interfaces. Considering that everything can be evaluated as offensive or insensitive these days, the best crypto exchanges have redesigned their interfaces to make them more exciting, minimalistic, and able to reflect utility.

Furthermore, the more options for user engagement you have on your white label crypto exchange platform, the better. So, if you can get something like a ready-made crypto exchange by FintechService, with web and mobile interface options built into the white label, go for it.

5- KYC Verification

When the crypto industry started making waves among ordinary people, decentralized exchanges were popular. This was because of the freedom over finance that they gave their users. However, after some of the most devastating crypto scams, users became less confident in faceless exchanges and considered exchanges with KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements.

So, many crypto users prefer registering with exchanges with KYC since they are more likely to be licensed by governmental authorities. This would suggest that they can be held accountable for their actions, and this is extra security for users. Thus, it is not surprising that many users prefer exchanges with the KYC verification feature to those without.

6- Notifications

One feature that shockingly made the list of top 10 crypto exchange features is the notification bell. This feature is often taken for granted in the sense that it does not actively contribute to crypto trading activities. But users rely on this feature to know when funds they transferred, for example, have been delivered to their wallets, or a token they have been eyeing is available for trading.

Therefore, as you make a list of what should be included in a white label crypto exchange before you can purchase it, make sure to include the notifications feature.

7- User/Customer Support

The user/customer support feature may not be as invisible on crypto exchanges as the notification bell, but it comes close. On the surface, this feature enables a crypto user to reach out to the developers or managers of a crypto exchange for help. However, users typically look out for this feature before they register with an exchange platform because its existence suggests to them that the developers and administrators are reachable.

As a result, if you want your users to be confident in their choice of crypto exchanges, be sure to check out this feature before deploying your white label crypto platform.

8- Flexible Options for Branding

The last feature you should keep an eye out for is the option for branding. This is not exactly a feature, but it is a must-have for any white label crypto exchange before the exchange can be considered usable. After all, the very point of getting such an exchange is that you can modify it to reflect your preferences. Therefore, if you get a ready-made or ready-to-be-deployed crypto exchange and it does not allow you to brand it extensively, you might as well learn how to create your own crypto exchange from scratch.

How to Get Top White Label Crypto Exchange For Yourself

Now that you know what some of the top 2023 features of white label crypto exchanges are, how will you get them for yourself?

1- Become an Expert Developer

As we concluded from the last feature (flexible options for branding), if you cannot get a usable white label crypto exchange, you can create one yourself. Truth be told, becoming an export web/software developer is difficult. However, there are many tools out there you can rely on to write code for a crypto exchange platform and implement them. So, once you have mastered the development process, you can go on and create your crypto exchange platform with all the features included in this article.

2- Contact Crypto Fintech Companies

The easier method of getting the features (listed in this article) into your crypto exchange is to contact a crypto fintech company like FintechService. Such software development companies are great at what they do. With FintechService, especially, you won’t be required to pay outrageous prices. Instead, you can count on the guys at FintechService to charge you a reasonable white label crypto exchange fee. Furthermore, FintechService can help you make any changes and personalized branding choices to your crypto exchange in three weeks. Moreover, the template white label crypto exchange is already fitted with all of the features included in this article.


White label cryptocurrency exchange solutions are only valuable when they can get you committed users. If you can find such ready-made platforms with the features outlined in this article, don’t hesitate to get into negotiations with the developers.

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Why You Should Consider a White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Solution

Why You Should Consider a White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Solution


In the future, the 21st century will be remembered for many things. The introduction of fully functional digital currencies, crypto, the metaverse, and Web 3.0 would be included in these things. If you play your cards right, you may be included in the list of crypto users who advanced in status to become administrators in the crypto industry. The fastest way to reach this level is to get a white label crypto exchange.

This article is all about custom-built crypto exchange platforms known as white label crypto solutions. What are these platforms? What benefits can you derive from owning them? How can you get them? This article answers these questions.

What is a White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform?

A white label crypto exchange is a software solution that is built around cryptos. The main characteristic of this solution is that the software is not built to accommodate the preferences of any particular person or company. Instead, it is tailor-made according to industry standards and can then be modified to suit the fancy of its owner.

White label crypto solutions are also referred to as template crypto solutions, pre-built crypto exchanges, custom-built crypto exchanges, yet-to-be-deployed crypto exchanges, or anything else along these lines. The idea that these titles project is that of a solution that is just missing the last step, which is the approval of an owner. Once that approval is made, the template crypto exchange is uploaded and becomes available to users.

Ultimately, if you can get your hands on these custom-built crypto solutions, you would not need to write any code yourself. Instead, the developers can help you brand it and it becomes yours. After that, you only need to specify what features you need to be included in the solution and get it online.

Why Should You Consider a White Label Crypto Exchange Solution?

1. It Saves You Time and Money

Developing an ordinary program to be deployed online may take the average software programmer anything between an hour and a decade, depending on the expertise of the programmer in question. In the case of a crypto exchange, even the most accomplished web/software developer may need to dedicate at least a year to the project. But a ready-made crypto exchange platform only needs to be branded and then it can be uploaded for use online.

Also, if you want to pay a web/software development team to create a crypto exchange, you may be asked to pay $100,000 or much more. But crypto exchanges available in template form are cheaper. Thus, you can save time and money by getting a ready-made crypto exchange rather than starting from scratch.

2. It Guarantees the Stability of Your Crypto Project

There is only so much that a single individual can do, regardless of how good that person is at whatever they do. The same principle applies to web/software development. Remove Stack Overflow and most programmers would lose their confidence.

But white label crypto exchanges are made by experienced development companies. Therefore, if you can purchase these exchanges from the companies, you face less risk of ending up with a defective solution. And even when you notice a bug in your exchange platform, you can always call on them to fix it for you.

3. It Helps You Scale

Scalability is one of the leading appeals in software design and application. It is impressive that any well-developed digital or technological innovation can have myriad purposes and areas of application. This is one place where pre-built crypto exchanges are incomparable considering that the possibilities for universal application are there from the very start.

Ultimately, if you can get your hands on a yet-to-be-deployed crypto exchange platform, you also gain the chance to apply it in whatever way you need to.

4. It Aids Your Skill and Market Specialization

Similar to how getting a custom-built crypto exchange saves you time, this decision also helps you fast-track the development of your skill. Say that you are an entrepreneur with a strong interest in blockchain solutions, you can learn a bit more about the crypto industry from a pre-built crypto exchange than one that is up and running.

In the same way, getting a template crypto exchange platform allows you the opportunity to choose the market into which you want to dive and specialize. You cannot get this choice of what crypto market segment to focus on if you only focus on existing and functional crypto platforms. And if you prefer to start developing the platform from scratch, you may lose the opportunity to get users since it will take you too much time.

5. It Amplifies the Range of Your Products and Services

The crypto industry and market are virtually run by opportunities. Like every other industry that thrives on fluctuating odds, the more products and services you have in the market, the greater your chances of winning. Thus, the more products you can launch ahead of other people, the higher the possibility of your getting into a good spot for users. With white label crypto exchanges, you can test and deploy multiple products and services and quickly become an authority in the crypto market.

6. It Lends Credibility to Your Exchange

Depending on an experienced crypto fintech company for your pre-built crypto platform says something about your expectations. Smart and loyal users are more likely to sign up with exchanges that have teams of web/software developers behind them than with a loner or a handful of passionate crypto entrepreneurs cum programmers.

Put in perspective, you will likely get several hundred or thousand users on your side if you obtain a white label crypto solution from FintechService. The company has more than 45 professionals, 3+ years of accomplished work, and almost 20 super crypto projects. Any yet-to-be-deployed crypto exchange you get from them will be accompanied by users that are convinced by the quality of their work. Why would you want to start with zero users or luck?

7. It Guarantees Support from Expert Developers

We have already mentioned the fact that custom-built crypto exchanges often come with a team of experts in software development. This means that any issue that crops up after you purchase the template exchange platform will be handled by them. Furthermore, if you decide that you want a crypto white label mobile solution together with the web option that you will likely be offered by your preferred crypto fintech company, this is also acceptable and can easily be arranged by them.

How to Get Your Own White Label Crypto Solution

Now that you know some of the benefits you are guaranteed to accrue once you go for a pre-built crypto solution, how exactly can you go about this? Follow the subsequent steps on how to create your own crypto exchange.

1- Determine Preferred Market Segment:

There are many market segments for crypto solutions. The most popular one is for crypto traders and investors. There are others for NFT buyers, virtual gamers and Metaverse specialists, and even businesses that use crypto for buying and selling stuff. Make your choice of these market segments before anything else since your choice would determine where you ought to go for help.

2- Choose Established Crypto Exchange Builder:

The crypto fintech company or web/software development team is the main ingredient for obtaining a white label crypto exchange. These are professionals who know what they are doing and usually have template exchanges ready to be deployed once you agree to the white label crypto exchange price. We mentioned FintechService earlier. You can check them out.

Identify and Authorize Features from Exchange Script: After deciding on a web/software developer, you can select preferred features from the exchange script. Essential features like a liquidity algorithm and customer support are usually already integrated into the custom-built crypto exchange. You may have to ask the crypto fintech team to include connections to popular blockchains and exchanges so that the wallet features can be dynamic. If you don’t have access to template crypto exchanges from up-to-date developers like FintechService, you may have to ask for a special integration of payment options, especially a mix of fiat and crypto options.

Test and Deploy: Once prices have been negotiated and the contracts signed, you can go ahead and test-run the crypto exchange. If it is to your satisfaction, you can deploy it online and market it to users.

Implement Needed Adjustments: From user response, you also have to make adjustments to your crypto exchange. From this, your white label crypto exchange would have matured into a functioning crypto exchange, one with users registered and actively trading, investing, and whatever else your exchange platform allows them to do.


Overall, white label crypto exchanges are awesome. They save you time and money, improve your chances of managing bug-free web solutions, and help you accumulate the fortune of satisfied users. But, you have to be deliberate about the crypto fintech team you contact for the exchange platform, making sure that they are experienced and established experts in all things crypto.

2023 Opportunities in Using a White Label Crypto Solution

2023 Opportunities in Using a White Label Crypto Solution


The best thing about the crypto industry is how multivariate it is in terms of opportunities for users. If you are only a crypto trader, you can use crypto trading bots to optimize your trading activities. And if you want to move higher in the industry, you can acquire a white label cryptocurrency exchange platform and earn more money and influence in 2023.

We have taken out time to outline some of the opportunities to be had in 2023 from getting a white label cryptocurrency exchange solution. These opportunities are highlighted in this article along with how you can create your own crypto exchange. In this article, we also briefly reviewed the provisions of FintechService, an innovative crypto fintech, where you can get well-designed and well-developed turnkey crypto solutions.

What is a White Label Crypto Exchange?

First of all, a white label solution is a software application that has been fully developed and only needs to be customized or branded to be deployed online. Such a solution is usually offered up for sale to whoever can buy it. As a result, white labeling affords ordinary people (that is, individuals and companies without advanced computing or programming ability) the opportunity to own and manage software solutions.

A white label crypto solution is the crypto option of these ready-made and customizable solutions. It is also called a turnkey crypto exchange, template crypto solution, custom-built crypto exchange, and several other names. This crypto exchange platform can be purchased from specific professional web/software developers known as crypto fintech.

Once you can acquire a turnkey crypto exchange from crypto fintech companies, you can go ahead to deploy it. All you would need to do is ask the developers to customize it to your liking and you have become a manager of a fully-functional crypto exchange platform.

Opportunities in Using a White Label Crypto Solution

1. Customization

Adjusting a crypto exchange label to suit user or manager preferences is one of the challenges of software development. With turnkey crypto solutions, you can easily customize the solution before deploying it online. This gives you a competitive advantage over other crypto exchange managers who might need to overhaul their systems whenever they need to include a new feature.

2. Saved Time

Using a pre-built crypto exchange enables you to save a lot of time you would otherwise spend developing the platform yourself. Assuming you have the technical know-how to do so, you would need at least a year to even have a strong product. On the contrary, you can get and deploy a ready-made crypto exchange in a handful of weeks or months. For example, FintechService can sort out every modification you need to be done on a turnkey crypto exchange in 3 weeks.

3. Ease of Scalability

Scalability grants a competitive edge to crypto exchange managers. The more you can apply your solution to a variety of gaps in the crypto industry, the greater your relevance. With custom-built crypto exchanges, you can easily scale your crypto business, letting it grow from a simple exchange to an investment platform, a payment option, and even a lending service.

4. Market Focus and Specificity

Using a ready-made crypto exchange helps you focus on a particular crypto market segment. Essentially, with a proficient crypto fintech on your side, nothing is stopping you from narrowing your crypto business to a market segment you believe can help you stand out. This means that you would never have to take shots in the dark by overextending yourself. No, your crypto solution can be specific, allowing you to become a relevant authority in that crypto market segment in the shortest time possible.

5. Liquidity Flow

Liquidity is one of the main issues with starting an exchange. How would you link your platform to functioning liquidity pools from other exchanges if you developed the exchange yourself? You can instead rely on the turnkey crypto exchange from a crypto fintech company. For example, FintechService offers liquidity that is linked to popular exchanges like Binance and Kraken.

6. Available Options for Feature/Platform Integration

The best white label platforms for crypto exchanges are also great for feature integration. This means these platforms can easily be remodeled to include any new feature you want on the platform. As such, your crypto exchange would be perceived as dynamic and flexible by your users. In the same vein, you can create more options for your crypto exchange on different user platforms, including mobile (for example, Android and iPhone) and desktop (for example, Windows and Mac) platform options.

7. Skilled and Professional Support

The gap between solutions developers and users has never been closer in the crypto industry. Now that you can acquire skilled and professional support in the form of crypto fintech service, why not take full advantage of it? Moreover, if you get a turnkey crypto solution from one such reliable crypto fintech service, you would have acquired the right to call on them for help whenever you need to. This also means that you wouldn’t be subjected to pricey white label crypto exchange fees for later modifications.

Overview of the FintechService White Label Crypto Solution

FintechService is a good example of a crypto fintech company with model turnkey crypto exchanges. Highlighted below are some of the benefits/features of the exchanges.

1. Link to External Sources

FintechService white label crypto solutions do not run independently. Instead, they are typically linked to credible external sources. These include the partners of the company, comprising notable crypto exchanges like Kyrrex and Rigel Platform, and the aforementioned liquidity-linked platforms like Binance and Kraken. As such, the pre-built crypto exchange from FintechService is stable and robust.

2. Extensive-Purpose Crypto Wallet

The crypto wallet feature available on FintechService’s template crypto exchange is good for providing and withdrawing funds. Furthermore, the service incorporates both the crypto and fiat exchange option, meaning that you can buy and sell cryptos with VISA or MasterCard.

3. Dynamic Trading API

The trading API designed into the FintechService turnkey crypto solution is dynamic. The trading engine is fully operative and allows P2P transfers. Thus, your users would be able to trade without going through intermediaries. The selling point of the API is that it accommodates crypto-fiat trading, meaning that your users do not have to use only crypto or fiat currencies for trading.

4. User Data Protection

The turnkey solution for a crypto exchange from FintechService prioritizes user data protection. In addition to the traditional password options for user login, there is also the 2FA (2-Factor Authentication) option to ensure that user accounts are more secure from hacking. Furthermore, you also get administrative rights to a White List which enables you to identify and approve only verified users.

5. Affiliation Links

Beyond enabling your users to connect to the crypto market, the FintechService pre-build crypto exchange also offers an affiliation program. The goal of this program is to create avenues for easy marketing in which you can design incentives for others to publicize your crypto exchange platform to users.

FintechService’s white label crypto exchange solution has many other features. Each of these are well-thought-out and demonstrate the many opportunities you can obtain from turnkey crypto solutions.

How to Create Your Own Crypto Exchange in 2023

Contact Crypto Fintech Company/Service: A crypto fintech company typically has multiple pre-built crypto exchanges available. If you want them to develop one from scratch for you, they would also be able to. So, the first step to creating your exchange is to contact a good crypto exchange builder.

Check Out the Turnkey Exchange Script: Depending on the crypto exchange builder you reach out to, you can look through the available options for ready-made crypto exchanges. Generally, you can ask for the script which lists the provisions of the crypto exchanges. From this script, you can choose which exchange fits your preference(s).

Negotiate Prices and Sign the Contract with the Development Team: Once you have chosen the custom-built crypto exchange you like, you have to negotiate prices with the crypto fintech and sign a contract with them. White label crypto prices vary from developer to developer, so you have to consult the company before you can know what a white label crypto costs.

Deploy Exchange Platform: After prices have been negotiated and contracts signed, you can go ahead and approve the customization and branding that you need done on the crypto exchange. Afterward, you can deploy the crypto exchange platform, get it listed in the crypto market, and get users to start trading activities.

As an extra, you should also try to monitor and effect important user preferences after you deploy your exchange. With the help of the crypto fintech company, you should be able to easily fix issues with the exchange and accommodate reasonable changes to the exchange’s operation as suggested by your users.


Getting and using a white label crypto exchange allows you to employ skilled, professional, and experienced crypto fintech companies like FintechService. With such an exchange, you can save software development time, scale your crypto business, engage your users more confidently, and become a relevant authority in the crypto industry in the shortest time possible.

How to Choose the Best White Label Crypto Exchange Solution

How to Choose the Best White Label Crypto Exchange Solution


Between being a crypto investor and being a crypto trader, many internet users would choose the former option. The idea is that being an investor allows them to worry less because they are not directly engaging the market. For those that would prefer being a crypto trader, the choice is determined by their growing proficiency in trading, using a variety of strategies to forecast price directions and other components of the crypto market.

But trading and investing are not the ultimate categories of crypto users. You can also be the owner and manager of a crypto exchange platform like Binance or KuCoin. Yes, you can create a marketplace for crypto trading or, more specifically, a crypto white label mobile solution.

This article explains some of what you need to know about choosing the best white label cryptocurrency exchange platform, and how to create your own crypto exchange via the services provided by crypto fintech companies like FintechService. So, the article first elaborates on the use and value of white label crypto solutions and then highlights factors you should consider before making your choice of said solutions.

What is a White Label Crypto Exchange Solution?

A white label crypto exchange is an online platform that has been designed for the sole purpose of crypto trading and other crypto activities like crypto price reports and analyses, education on the ABCs of crypto, and more. The concept of a white label crypto exchange derives from the combination of the idea of white labels and crypto exchange platforms.

A white label software solution typically refers to any application of software development to an existing problem efficiently. The ‘white label’ in the concept refers to the fact that the software solution in question has been developed as a building block of the actual software, like the template of a website with a completed back-end code. All that needs to be added to the white label software is a brand name, as well as other personalized elements that distinguish it from others.

So, a white label crypto exchange is a web/software application that is modifiable and available for sale. When you purchase such an application, you could then go ahead to implement personalized changes and set it up online as your crypto exchange.

The value of white label crypto solutions is that it saves you the time needed for fresh software creation. Also, you tend to spend less money purchasing and customizing a white label crypto exchange than creating one from scratch. Furthermore, with these white label alternatives, you can borrow the expertise of competent developers for your use.

Components to Consider Before Choosing a White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange

Before deciding to choose and purchase a white label crypto solution, here are 7 components you should consider.

1. The Crypto Exchange Builder

The WHO component is naturally the first component you should consider before buying a white label crypto exchange. This component has to do with the crypto exchange builder, that is, the crypto fintech company or expert web/software developer involved in designing and creating crypto solutions.

Many software developers are online and you would need to pay close attention to them to tell the competent from the incompetent. Some of the things you can use as a determinant for their competence are the length of time they have been active in the crypto industry, the projects they have completed, and their partners.

2. The Features of the Exchange

After the WHO component is the WHAT component. This component revolves around the actual structure and configuration of the white label crypto solutions available for your choosing. This is also where you have to make a clear distinction between essential features like the engine and algorithm for trading and extra features like a live chatbox.

Of course, as with the new global model of business, your focus should be on the users that would register with your platform. What are the features they want to have in a crypto exchange platform? Do the available white label crypto solutions have the same features? These are questions you have to ask before making your choice of white label crypto exchanges.

3. Regulation or No Regulation

The issue of crypto regulation is no longer trending as it used to. Nevertheless, one can say that it has partly accomplished its objective of helping users focus on exchange transparency and other necessary criteria of trust and reliability. Thus, you are more likely to win the trust of your users when you offer them a centralized and, at least, partly regulated crypto exchange platform.

With elements such as KYC (Know Your Customer) and the approval of governmental authorities, your users are more likely to feel assured about the safety of their funds. As such, you should choose a white label crypto solution that is designed to be centralized rather than decentralized.

4. White Label Crypto Exchange Price

The white label cryptocurrency exchange cost is another component you should consider deeply as you deliberate on which white label crypto exchange to choose among a range of options. The simple truth is that there is no base price for these software solutions. Some of them are costly and others are inexpensive by comparison. Nevertheless, considering your budget and the features you would get at any price, you shouldn’t find it overly difficult to choose a good white label cryptocurrency exchange solution.

There are different ranges of prices for white label crypto exchanges. However, you can get one with basic features for as low as $25,000 or $30,000. Again, the exact price depends on the developer.

5. User Interface and Experience (UI/UX) Design

Earlier, we pointed out that the new global business model is customer-centric, implying that your considerations for a preferred white label cryptocurrency exchange platform should revolve around your users. This is where UI/UX comes into the picture, especially as it has to do with the interface of the white label crypto exchange and its convenience for users.

Even though crypto users vary from one another, it is a good rule to build crypto exchanges with simple interfaces. Utility and function are much more valuable elements to users than color and graphic elements. Thus, if, for example, you can get easily accessible payment methods so users can trade on your exchange using fiat currency, they would likely prefer your simply styled exchange to one without such payment options.

6. User/Customer Support

In addition to utility and convenience, you should also consider white label crypto exchanges with user and/or customer support. The more dynamic this feature for feedback, complaints, and interaction with users, the better for you. If you cannot find any white label crypto exchange with this feature, you should consider getting one that can easily integrate it (that is, the customer support feature).

You should also consider white label crypto solutions with incentive algorithms and affiliate engines. This way, users on your exchange can earn a little by participating in marketing. Also, websites can help you promote your exchange in exchange for financial profit.

7. The Time Needed for Project Execution

Lastly, you need to consider how long is needed before your white label crypto exchange can be a fully active exchange platform that users can begin to trade and invest with. As you know, the crypto market and industry are lively and competitiveness is part of the game. So, the faster you get your crypto exchange online, the better for you.

How to Create Your Own Crypto Exchange with Crypto Fintech

Now that you know what to consider before deciding on a white label crypto exchange solution, you can easily create your exchange as subsequently highlighted.

STEP 1: Sketch Preferred Type of Crypto Exchange

Do you want a centralized or decentralized crypto exchange? How much support from the developer do you want after the platform has been set up? Answer these questions first.

STEP 2: Outline Essential Features

Next, specify the features you want. You can make a list from the FintechService white label.

STEP 3: Contact Crypto Fintech for Available White Label Crypto Exchange

Lastly, you should directly contact a crypto fintech company and find out if they have a white label crypto exchange that fits your requirements. FintechService is reliable, trustworthy, and competent.

The features in the exchanges that FintechService develops include a dynamic liquidity hub, a Visa and MasterCard payment algorithm, a chatbox for user support, and many more. These features are fleshed-out and designed to help you attract and retain users. The exchange also includes a KYC algorithm and 2FA security so that users can be more confident in your crypto exchange.

In addition to the features on white label crypto exchanges, FintechService takes no longer than 21 days to create the finished product of your approved exchange. Within this period, you can contact the company for any change you want to make to the white label option you chose.


All in all, the best white label crypto exchange solution is one that satisfies several criteria, many of which are highlighted and explained in this article. And if you want to create a personalized crypto exchange with the help of a competent web/software developer, you can reach out to a crypto fintech company like FintechService.