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What to Look Out for in a Good Crypto Exchange Builder

What to Look Out for in a Good Crypto Exchange Builder


Have you ever wondered how to make the most of cryptos beyond being a trader or the occasional investor? Have you grown tired of relying on market analytics and would like to take it a step further? If you have a strong mind and a structural framework to create occasions for others in the crypto business to profit, you should engage the services of a crypto exchange builder.

Cryptocurrency, blockchain, liquidity pools, fungible and non-fungible tokens… all of these are ideas that came from the advancement of technology mixed with a revolution in global financial management. With the field of technology now joined to the domain of finances, the world of crypto emerged and offered opportunities for growth in personal and corporate fortune. This is where the aforementioned crypto exchange builder comes in.

In this article, we touch on various aspects of a crypto exchange, including what it is and what a builder of crypto exchanges is—beyond the simple meaning of the phrase. We also highlight 2 things you can expect a crypto exchange builder to do for you. Additionally, we look at 5 factors you should consider before settling on a developer for your crypto exchange needs, after which we introduced FintechService as a good example of such a developer.

What is a Crypto Exchange?

A crypto exchange is broadly described as any line of business that operates in the cryptocurrency industry, especially one that is directly or indirectly related to the trade or exchange of digital currency with other digital and other types of currency. Specifically, a crypto exchange is an online platform that serves as a marketplace for crypto traders and investors to conduct their transactions. These transactions typically include the buying, selling, and trading of crypto and other digital assets.

Crypto exchanges work in an interesting way. Because they are online marketplaces, they allow for the exchange of digital assets like crypto and NFTs. Considering that these assets typically exist in digital form, crypto exchanges offer a medium through which interested traders can interact with the digital market. Thus, as long as an individual registers with a crypto exchange, they can convert traditional money (fiat currency) to a digital form and participate in trading activities.

There are many popular crypto exchange platforms. Examples of these include Binance, Coinbase, KuCoin, and Kyrrex.

What is a Crypto Exchange Builder?

A crypto exchange builder is a web developer or a software developing company that operates in the crypto industry. This branch of the industry is under the category of crypto fintech, which refers to a group of visionaries, concept developers, and experts in computing, coding, and programming. The uniqueness of developers that deal exclusively with crypto exchanges is that they are the creators of online marketplaces and other platforms that enable users to trade crypto or interact with the crypto market directly.

Many areas of development make up a crypto exchange. There is the area of concept and ideas; the area of web or software design and programming; the area of user interface and experience (UI/UX); and many more. Generally, capable crypto exchange builders are proficient in all of these areas. Therefore, if you are one such builder, you would be able to craft concepts for crypto exchanges that are usable and practical, as well as effective and profitable.

The Offerings of Crypto Exchange Builders

Capable developers of crypto exchanges traditionally have 2 primary roles in the crypto industry: to help interested people create exchange platforms, and to develop ready-made exchange platforms known as white label cryptocurrency exchange solutions. Both of these are subsequently highlighted.

1- Development of Self-Designed Framework for Crypto Exchange

Software and web developers engaged in creating solutions for the crypto industry can function by helping you bring the ideas in your mind to reality. These developers are like website creators to whom you assign the task of helping you design a website. The idea for the website comes from you and all you require from them includes the tools for coding and graphics design to go into hatching your ideas.

This offering of crypto exchange developers is often very expensive, time-consuming, and laborious for everybody involved. Of course, if your developer is competent, the entire process of creating a crypto exchange for you may only be expensive.

2- White Label Crypto Exchange

The second category of what to expect from a crypto exchange developer is a white label crypto exchange. This exchange is already-made and serves as a half-done template that only requires a few adjustments from you to be launched and implemented.

Using the example of the website, this is a website with all its features already developed. All that remains is your brand name and your preferred colors. This option is useful when you want to create your own crypto exchange without expending too much money or effort.

What to Look Out for in a Good Crypto Exchange Builder

Whether you are interested in the first or second offering of crypto exchange developers, there are several factors you should consider before choosing them. Some of these factors are subsequently explained.

1- Reputation and Reliability

The first thing you should check out before deciding on a crypto exchange creator is their reputation. The track record of any company is the evidence of its work. With crypto fintech companies, you can determine how trustworthy they are by checking their past projects. Are the reviews positive or negative?

You can also scrutinize their business partners to make sure that the developing company is not only out to make profits using whatever means necessary. Another reliable method of evaluating crypto exchange creators is to find evidence of government supervision over their activities. Thus, a company that cares about crypto regulation is more likely to be trustworthy compared to one that does not care.

2- Efficiency

Beyond the factor of reputation and reliability is efficiency. How long does it take the company to create crypto exchanges on average? And if you are only interested in purchasing a white label cryptocurrency exchange platform from the developer, you should first find out how long it would take them to make the needed adjustments to the platform.

If all developers you are considering to help create your crypto exchange platform meet the requirement of reputation and reliability, it is always better to choose the more efficient one. This one would likely be more responsive to feedback and implement whatever changes you ask them to whether or not your schedule is tight.

3- White Label Crypto Cost

The white label crypto exchange price is another factor you must consider before settling on which developer to choose. Granted, coding and programming remain specialized domains and are priced reasonably higher than other activities, there is a range for white label crypto fees.

Some white label crypto exchanges cost $25,000, while others are somewhat higher than this price range. It all depends on the developer and how well you can communicate what you want from them. Even so, your crypto exchange should have all of the most essential features, and this might cost a bit.

4- The Flexibility of Service

Another factor you should consider for choosing an exchange builder is the number of options they have for the exchange. Generally, the majority of popular crypto exchanges like Binance have web and mobile solutions. Of course, the existence of a crypto white label mobile solution offers you the option for more profit. After all, your crypto exchange is supposed to be a business that maximizes the opportunities from user needs and demands.

So, you should also make sure to choose a crypto exchange developer that offers as many options for user interaction as possible. In other words, the greater the flexibility of the auxiliary products and services offered by the developer, the higher the value of the developer.

5- Template Features

Of course, you should also consider the features that would be included in the white label crypto exchange. These should include a trading engine, possibly for fiat and digital currency; a liquidity hub algorithm; a crypto wallet that can hold as many (types of) cryptos as possible; and other essentials.

Considering FintechService: A Reliable Crypto Exchange Builder

FintechService is one of the leading crypto exchange builders that meets all the factors outlined in this article. With 3 years of experience creating crypto solutions, over 16 completed crypto projects, and partners like Kyrrex and Rigel Platform, the company is reliable and trustworthy.

In terms of efficiency and the extensiveness of their products/services, FintechService offers a web and mobile interface that your users will quickly learn to interact with. Its features are also adaptable while being styled for personal and corporate preferences. Thus, the typical white label offerings are fitted with the most essential features, including a dynamic liquidity hub and a crypto wallet that you can fund with Visa and MasterCard.

Also, FintechService takes 3 weeks on average to complete a project, giving you ample time to point out necessary adjustments and set up your crypto exchange in the market.


Overall, there are many factors you should consider before deciding on a developer for your crypto exchange platform. FintechService is one crypto solutions provider that you can rely on, especially for white label crypto exchange.

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How to Create Your Own Crypto Exchange

How to Create Your Own Crypto Exchange


One of the biggest challenges in the crypto industry is having a full grasp of the workings of the different components that make up the industry. Apart from the social and economic factors that underline the variability of public opinion and token prices, there is also the complexity of the computations that serve as the framework for the entire industry.

Despite these challenges, being able to create your own crypto exchange opens up more opportunities for all kinds of benefits. So, as long as you can develop or obtain the management of a crypto exchange, you would be among a relative handful of crypto enthusiasts with enough power to tip the scales of the industry.

In this article, we will highlight some of the things you need to know about owning a crypto exchange platform. Some of these things include why you should own such a platform, what options are available for ownership, how you can create an exchange, as well as the choice to depend on a regulated and therefore reliable crypto exchange vendor like FintechService.

Why You Should Own a Crypto Exchange

Many reasons exist why you should aspire to own a crypto exchange.

1- Greater Understanding of the Dynamics of the Crypto Market

The first thing that owning a crypto exchange would do to you is broaden your horizon. There is no debating the fact that despite its popularity, the crypto industry is a complex industry. As a result of the integration of so many technological innovations, it takes a bit of time and intellectual might for an average individual to gain an acceptable level of understanding and insight into the workings of the industry.

When you own a crypto exchange platform, you could be said to have gained a window of opportunity into knowing much of what there is to know about the industry. Even if education and first-level experience is not enough reason to own a crypto exchange platform, such a decision/ownership gives you an immeasurable advantage over other crypto traders, investors, and enthusiasts.

2- Access to Insider Privileges in the Crypto Industry and Market

Even though the crypto industry is greatly celebrated for its transparency, at least, relative to the traditional system of finance, much of the information is still considered esoteric. In other words, some of the most important decisions and trend markers in the industry are known by a privileged few before they become public knowledge.

If you play your cards right and end up owning a crypto exchange platform, you would have taken the first step towards joining the inner circle that always has access to critical information about the crypto industry. And information is power in the industry and market, whether you are a trader with intentions to maximize your trading activities or run a crypto fintech for developing novel solutions related to cryptocurrency and blockchains.

3- Increased Options for Profit-Making

In all honesty, the main reason so many of us became interested in the crypto industry is that it has many opportunities for profit-making. Any lucky newcomer to the industry can make a modest buck in the shortest time possible, while an experienced—and equally lucky—trader can change their fortunes for the better with a smart investment. What owning a crypto exchange offers to you is an avenue for stable income.

In addition to the stability of your earnings from crypto, you also gain access to a wider range of prospects. For example, many industries all over the world are integrating their systems with blockchain technology, meaning that you can easily penetrate these industries. Thus, with your own crypto exchange running, you have more occasions to diversify your investments and earnings, especially in a global economy without borders.

4- Greater Prospects for the Future of Crypto

For far-seeing individuals, the prospects of the future of crypto are the most attractive qualities of the industry. After all, the march of progress in human society has almost always been associated with revolutionary changes to the norm. The way the crypto industry transformed and is still transforming the financial sector is something that is rarely seen. As a result, any discerning mind can tell that there is more to come for those of us that have positioned ourselves well. And what better positioning than that of an administrator and manager on the crypto train of progress?

So, owning a crypto exchange platform that you can manage effectively and provide the means for crypto traders and investors to interact with the market is one of the best ways to position yourself for the future.

Options for Owning a Crypto Exchange

There are 2 main options for owning a crypto exchange platform. The first one is to develop it on your own, while the second one is to acquire a white label crypto exchange.

Developing your own crypto exchange has its advantages. For one, it would give you as much knowledge of creating crypto exchanges as you would ever need. It is the difference between building your car from scratch and buying one from a car marker. It also gives you many options for customizing the exchange however you want to.

However, to develop your own crypto exchange, you need to have high computational, coding, and programming skills. If you are not among the best software/web developers around, you would most likely do a poor job. Also, you would need a lot of time to complete such a project, not to mention a lot of money.

The other option available to you is to get a ready-made crypto exchange, also known as a white label cryptocurrency exchange platform. Such a platform would already be available and customizable. As a result, all you would need to do is implement the needed changes for personalization and you can go ahead and deploy it for use.

With a white label crypto exchange solution, you can save a lot of time and money. You also don’t need to be an Einstein in coding to own or manage your crypto exchange. Furthermore, if you end up with a good builder, you might learn a lot of things about the crypto exchange creation process.

How to Create Your Own Crypto Exchange

1- Find a Competent Crypto Exchange Builder

Without question, the first step to creating your own crypto exchange is finding a competent software developer. Building a crypto exchange is not as simple as creating a mobile app, so you need to be convinced of their competence. One way to find out if a software developer is competent in this assignment is to ask them for white label crypto exchanges.

2- Determine the Specifications of Procurable White Label Crypto Exchanges

If you find a competent software developer, make sure to determine the specifications of the white label crypto exchanges that they have. Every usable crypto exchange has a number of traditional features that mark them as useful. These include a trading engine that enables users to interact with the global crypto market. Another feature is the wallet for funding. There is also an interactive liquidity hub, security, and interface.

3- Compare Costs for Available Exchanges with Your Budget

Also, you need to examine the costs that the software developer charges for their white label crypto exchanges. Given that you can get some of these exchanges for as low as $25,000 or $30,000, you need to keep an eye out for white label crypto fees. Of course, cheaper is not always better, so you have to be extra careful and deliberate about pricing.

FintechService as Your Crypto Exchange Builder

Once you have assessed white label crypto costs, you can go ahead and engage the best exchange vendor. Afterward, you only need to deploy the personalized crypto exchange and deploy it.

If you decide on a reputable crypto exchange builder like FintechService, you would not need to worry about the services you would get. Typically, the white label options offered by the company include all the essential features that we outlined earlier. In fact, FintechService white label crypto exchanges have the equivalent of icing on the cake with regard to their features.

Regarding the user interface for the crypto exchange you would get from FintechService, there are options for web and mobile apps. The payment options are also not limited to crypto, but also fiat. So, your users would be able to pay with VISA and MasterCard.

The liquidity hub from the white label crypto solutions of FintechService is also very dynamic. The level of interactive options for user convenience is just as advanced as the security measures, including 2FA for password protection. Of course, the regu

You can also get a chatbot included in your personalized crypto exchange. This way, your users can rest easy knowing that there is user support to address any issues that might come up over time. And if you want to include a referral link as an extra incentive for users and marketers, FintechService white labels are just right for you.


Overall, having a personalized crypto exchange is better than not having one. The opportunities for increased influence in the crypto industry, not to mention future prospects, should be enough to inspire to have one. This is especially so when there are crypto exchange builders like FintechService at the ready to assist you.

What is a Crypto Fintech?

What is a Crypto Fintech?


Despite the many recent challenges that have crept into the industry in the last few years, cryptocurrency remains one of the fastest-growing trends of modern times. Since its introduction to the global economy, this trend has seen awesome days, yielding incredible opportunities to informed internet users. Thus, even now when it seems as though things have cooled a bit, some of these users have found a way to go on making money out of the industry.

In this article, we will touch on some of the opportunities that remain relevant in the crypto industry. These are opportunities that you can capitalize on to build wealth. Specifically, we will zoom in on the idea of crypto fintech, and offer you insights into how you can build your own crypto exchange. Also, we will introduce you to FintechService, a reliable option for creating a crypto exchange for yourself.

First, let us start with what crypto fintech is.

The Basis for Crypto FinTech Companies and Services

You are likely already aware of what cryptos are. But in case you are not, cryptos are valuable digital tokens that users rely on to make money, access services, and engage others users in a profitable manner across regional borders.

As these tokens are created to be digital and can only be used digitally, there is a lot of complex mathematics and computation involved in the operation of cryptos. But the average user only needs to know that they can obtain cryptos from platforms known as crypto exchanges.

Furthermore, each of these crypto exchanges can further be classified based on their mode of operation. Some of them use the centralized model, meaning that they have a number of individuals that oversee the system to ensure that everything runs well. Other exchanges favor the decentralized model which ensures that there is no particular individual who is in charge of the system, so users have more freedom and enjoy more benefits than users in centralized exchanges.

All of this is possible because cryptos are based on digital ledgers known as blockchains. These blockchains are designed principally to monitor how crypto tokens flow on exchanges. Because these blockchains take the form of distributed ledgers, they grant a level of autonomy to users interacting with the system via computers and specialized computational stations known as nodes.

Much of what goes on around blockchains is based on the operation of crypto fintech companies and the different services that they offer to the public.

Operations of Crypto Fintech Companies

The entirety of the concept of digital tokens that came to be known as cryptocurrency came from fintech. Fintech in its most basic form refers to an organized application of technological innovations to financial issues and processes. Thus, a crypto fintech is any fintech company with strong interests in crypto.

Generally, crypto fintech companies are responsible for everything that internet users enjoy in the crypto industry and market. Nevertheless, the services of these companies can be classified into the creation of tokens and related digital items for use in the crypto industry; the development of exchanges and exchange platforms; the connection of users to the crypto market; and the availability of needed support for maintaining and making the most of this connection.

1- Create Tokens

Fintech agencies are behind the creation of digital tokens in the crypto industry. They are the creators in the industry in the strictest sense, not the individuals who come up with concepts for making the best token or tokens that appeal to a particular category of internet users. So, with respect to the technical aspects of token design and creation, web developers that work within the operative umbrella of crypto fintech are responsible.

2- Develop Exchanges

In addition to creating tokens, the fintech industry is also in charge of designing and developing exchanges that allow the flow of cryptos from blockchains to users and other stops in the system. Once again, the peculiarities of every exchange platform and the perks that they offer to crypto traders and investors are derived from the fintech companies that created the exchanges. Thus, the development of crypto exchange platforms is as a result of the operations of fintech companies.

3- Connect Users to Market

Obviously, the only reason that crypto users, traders, and investors are able to connect to the market is the availability of internet, online, and digital infrastructure that web developers designed to accommodate the crypto industry. One such infrastructure is blockchain technology. This technology is the combination of the idea of accounting ledgers (which is a concept from the financial sector) and the integration of modern data retrieval systems (which evolved from technological innovations).

4- Offer Support Services

Lastly, fintech companies offer support services that crypto users can rely on to maintain their interactions with the crypto market. These support services may take the form of protocols and strategies to boost trading and engagement in the exchange market.

Ultimately, innovation is the core value of crypto fintech companies. As a result, there are many opportunities to be had from knowing reliable and trending crypto fintech companies.

FintechService as an Excellent Crypto Exchange Builder

FintechService is one of the leading software development companies that have a strong reputation for their work in developing and offering smart solutions for the crypto market and industry. As a crypto fintech company, FintechService derives its good reputation from having designed multiple technological products and services which crypto individual users and startups can apply to trending issues and opportunities in the crypto market.

In addition to the normal services offered by crypto fintech companies, FintechService also has 3 considerations that they prioritize. These include speed, efficiency, and adaptability. They are also more relatable with regards to the development of exchange platforms. So, if you want to own a crypto exchange without spending too much time or money, FintechService is the crypto fintech to reach out to.

With respect to speed, the smart digital solutions that FintechServices offer to users are developed in the shortest time possible. This is because the company prioritizes time and understands that getting ahead in the crypto market requires you to take the initiative before your competition.

Also, FintechService values conceptual seamlessness and would not require you to participate in any step of the solution-creation exercise. Instead, as long as you explain whatever you have in mind, FintechService will easily and promptly design it for you.

Also, if you prefer a white label crypto exchange which is the crypto alternative of a ‘blank’ website that you can easily convert into your own, FintechService can set you up. And that is where adaptability comes in. Crypto fintech offers users a rich array of white label crypto exchanges that they can choose from. So, you can flip and select from the company’s list of existing but yet-to-be-configured exchanges.

How to Create Your Own Crypto Exchange with FintechService

STEP 1: Know What You Want

Like the majority of top crypto fintech that offer exchange-building capabilities to users, FintechService requires you to provide details as to what kind of exchange you want to build. Generally, FintechService can develop a fully functional crypto exchange for you that is enabled for crypto-fiat transactions. As long as the specifications of your preferred crypto exchange are reasonable, that is, including emphasis on P2P transfer, user security, and wallet flexibility for holding as many crypto tokens as possible, FintechService can entertain your request.

STEP 2: Decide on the Features of Your Preferred Exchange

After deciding the general outline of your preferred crypto exchange, you will also be required to choose from the white label features offered by FintechService. There are many such features and they typically accompany every exchange developed by the fintech company. But if you want, you may request that the exchange emphasizes some features more than others.

Some of the highlight features of exchanges developed by FintechService include a Liquidity Hub, an in-built OTC trading platform, 2FA security for your users, multiple options for payment (Visa and MasterCard), mobile app options, customizable chat bot for customer support, and many more.

STEP 3: Wait for Three Weeks

Once you have settled with FintechService on your preferred design or the White Label crypto exchange cost, you only need to complete the negotiations and wait for the company to complete everything. On average, this takes only 3 weeks (21 days), meaning that you can order a whole new crypto exchange from FintechService and have it delivered to you in 21 days max.

Give Feedback and Assess Service

After your crypto exchange has been delivered, you can go ahead to test it and give FintechService feedback on what you want adjusted. And if you are fine with the service, you can go ahead and use it with support from FintechService.

In terms of creating new crypto exchanges, few fintech companies have as much experience and reputation as FintechService. The company is a leading crypto fintech because of its emphasis on speed, efficiency, and adaptability. In an age where smart solutions for issues in the crypto market and industry are many and confounding for the average user hoping to venture into the business of blockchains and crypto exchanges, FintechService is a great option for you.