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Moneta IN | Cryptocurrency exchange platform
About the project

Convenient and modern online cryptocurrency exchange service with the ability to buy / sell fiat and built-in liquidity to carry out all exchange operations in full

The tasks that we faced

Create an easy-to-use cryptocurrency exchanger, thanks to which individuals will be able to exchange both cryptocurrencies and fiat, and then withdraw the desired funds in hryvnia to their bank card.

At the same time, it was important for the customer to understand who the customer is and to what extent his type of activity is legal in order to protect the exchanger from participating in fraud


The solution we created

We have developed a platform that allows you to exchange all popular cryptocurrencies.

We added the function of exchanging fiat / crypto and crypto / fiat, using withdraw money to a bank card. We supplemented this solution with a basic and minimalistic design so as not to distract the user from the main thing.

For a fraud protection service, create all the necessary verification tools (KYC) and check wallets for links with illegal activities (AML)


It took us to create an online cryptocurrency exchange service and present a ready-made solution to the customer.

What the customer received in the end

A ready-made and tested platform, without the time and effort of recruiting developers

The ability for its users to buy / sell fiat in a few clicks and withdraw the required amount to a bank card

High level of service liquidity to close all incoming exchange orders

Safe and reliable service that supports KYC and AML

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